EDGY’s Own: Jarred Hoelle

Jarred Hoelle - EDGY Inc

Q: What are three things that make a successful graphic?

A: 1. Concept: before you touch pen to paper or open your Adobe software you need to figure out what you are trying to communicate and ultimately, will this graphic meet the needs of the brief. The initial concept dictates and drives the direction for the entire project. 2. Research: You have to first understand the goal of the project and who you’re designing for before you can create anything. Who’s the target audience? What are you trying to say? What’s the goal? The graphic should reflect the brand and meet the client’s needs, not your personal taste. 3.Simplicity: Some of the most successful designs are the most simple. A lot of designers feel they need to keep adding more bells and whistles and mistake complexity with a successful design. When in reality, to simplify a design down to only what is essential and strip away everything non-essential is extremely difficult to achieve and takes much more discipline and confidence.

Q: What’s an achievement you’re proud of since being at EDGY?

A: An achievement I’m proud of since being an EDGY is learning and adding new skills as a designer in such a short time. Over my 10 year career, I mainly specialized in web, print, logo design, and branding. I had never created animations, motion graphics, or edited a single video, let alone opened the programs used to execute those types of projects. However, that didn’t stop me or scare me when I quickly realized these projects would make up a large portion of my work. In just 2 months I’ve already produced a complex 2-minute animation, several motion graphics videos, and routinely edit video footage. When a project was proposed and I didn’t know how I would do it, I would simply say yes and figure it out after. I approached each task this way and saw each new project as an exciting challenge and opportunity to learn, grow, and help not only the company but our clients as well. I’m extremely proud of the work I’ve been able to create thus far and to be honest, it’s that attitude, drive, and commitment to doing whatever is needed that every other EDGY employee shares and what makes this company so successful.

Q: What do you think sets EDGY apart from other consulting companies?

A: The passion, drive, and work ethic to treat every company like it was their own. They want to see every company and every employee succeed and hold everyone to the same standards that make EDGY so successful. EDGY understands you get what you put in and you have to do the hard things if you want to be successful. They bring that same tenacity and energy with them where everywhere they go and it elevates everyone and everything they come into contact with, helping others succeed.


Shelby Stelfox - EDGY Inc

EDGY’s Own: Shelby Stelfox

Q: How do you help your clients see the big picture with their success? A: A great EDGY client is someone that is coachable, but also willing to have hard conversations with us.