EDGY’s Own: Shelby Stelfox

Shelby Stelfox - EDGY Inc

Q: How do you help your clients see the big picture with their success?

A: A great EDGY client is someone that is coachable, but also willing to have hard conversations with us. We don’t sugar coat it, and in reality, you hired us for our superpowers to get to that next level of success. We are likely going to think out of the box, try five things to see which one sticks, and come back to a client with a go-forward idea. Oftentimes our idea has the same end goal, but how we get there is very different from what the client was thinking or on a path to do. Trying those five things in a very short amount of time helps to bring us together for a new big picture. Let’s be real too – Your idea of success is likely always going to be slightly different than mine. EDGY’s difference – we show up every day, let me say it again – EVERY DAY, to work, push back, question, and cheer forward every inch that gets our client closer to their success.

Q: What’s an achievement you’re proud of since being at EDGY?

A: I was able to lead one of our clients through a full due diligence process, prep them for a large acquisition, and get to be their voice through the close of the deal. For a fun note, I was 6 months pregnant and spent 3 weeks in the company’s small town in Pennsylvania in the middle of summer to close out the deal. Add that with the pressure you feel for wanting to make this happen for not just the CEO, but the whole company – it was a sweaty few weeks! I will never forget – seeing the moment the CEO hit refresh on his bank account and BOOM, in the moment his life changed forever. His pure joy and excitement drive me to keep going all with every client – I want to see that joy again!

Q: What do you think sets EDGY apart from other consulting companies?

A: We don’t do a review of your organization, give you suggestions on changes, and then walk away for you to implement or figure out what we mean. We DO THE WORK for you. We start off understanding your needs – say you want to take your B2C product to the B2B market, but don’t know how to pivot. We let your current team continue to succeed in what they know, B2C. In the meantime, we learn about the market landscape, competition, and target verticals for B2B. We come back to you ready to try a few different ideas that we will do ourselves with your team’s partnership. We find what works, make it a repeatable process and start to train your team, or find the right people, on how to succeed in a B2B model. We like to say we train your team until they are successful and then step back and out, however, by that time the senior leadership team already had a new project they wanted us to start. We end up not going very far, which shows why we work. Our team is your team, and we become one in the same, as EDGY team members have crazy amounts of energy to deliver success.


Jarred Hoelle - EDGY Inc

EDGY’s Own: Jarred Hoelle

Q: What are three things that make a successful graphic? A: 1. Concept: before you touch pen to paper or open your Adobe software you need to figure out what you are trying to communicate

Jonathan Hairgrove - EDGY Inc

EDGY’s Own: Jonathan Hairgrove

Q: What makes a successful salesperson? 1. Ability to ask the right questions, 2. Ability to shut the f**k up; when a prospect is giving you information