EDGY’s Own: Jonathan Hairgrove

Jonathan Hairgrove - EDGY Inc

Q: What makes a successful salesperson?


  1. Ability to ask the right questions
  2. Ability to shut the f**k up; when a prospect is giving you information
  3. Ability to apply the product/service you sell to the pain/problem/need the prospect has.
  4. Ability to be relentless to creatively close a deal

Q: What are effective methods for generating leads?

A: It all starts with an ideal client profile (target audience). Do the research on the audience..for example, if your target audience is executives, then early mornings are great times to hit them up on LinkedIn/Email for high reply or action rates. Put in the effort to know and research your audience, and then put an action plan in place to meet them where they are and wow them.

Q: Why is the 6-month period a successful benchmark when assisting client work?

A: 6 months is crucial for both sides – it gives both the client and EDGY the timeline to work within to see results and set proper benchmarks/goals. Most consultants want a never-ending timeline to show value, but with EDGY, we are hell-bent on getting you to revenue asap but understand we have to get the foundation/messaging/pricing/tools right in order to execute against the plan. Just know the plan EDGY uses is one that has been tried and true previously but we aren’t sticks in the mud…we iterate quickly and adapt to the changing audience for results.

Q: What do you think sets EDGY apart from other consulting companies?

A: Doing the hard things. Having tough but real conversations with clients about the broken parts of their company but that’s just step one…further we dive deep into understanding the company, the successes and failures, and areas we need to improve upon. We also get down into the trenches with your team to get front line experience which informs every decision we make. We can’t train or consult a client towards success without getting into the shit with you to figure out the problems and define solutions.


Shelby Stelfox - EDGY Inc

EDGY’s Own: Shelby Stelfox

Q: How do you help your clients see the big picture with their success? A: A great EDGY client is someone that is coachable, but also willing to have hard conversations with us.