EDGY’s Own: Jacob Chereskin

Jacob Chereskin - EDGY Inc

Q: What are three things that make a successful marketer?

A: Here’s my secret sauce for great marketing: 

  1. Say as much as you can in the least words possible 
  2.  Be upfront with the customer
  3. A little humor can make a huge difference.

Don’t be afraid to take risks and push yourself, but these essential steps go a long way.

Q: What is the secret behind nailing the right messaging?

A: My goal with each project is to help our clients meet customers on their level. I always try to put myself in the head of a client’s potential customer and craft a narrative around them.

So many people in marketing think that it’s best to just be “cool” and use certain buzzwords to cause someone to click on an email or buy a product. The opposite is usually the case. 

People don’t want to spend tons of time reading a marketing email and they can smell sales pitches from a mile away. Be cool, use slang, do what you gotta do, but don’t lose sight of the goal.

Q: What’s an achievement you’re proud of since being at EDGY?

A: In my first couple of months here, I helped a client craft new emails to improve potential customer interaction. Once our client began using these sequences, they increased customer clicks on their emails by over 300% in under a week! They were so happy that I became their full-time EDGY partner.