EDGY Case Study - From Nothing To the Fastest Growing Business Unit Worldwide For A Database Software Giant

The Challenge

With a existing global business selling database software and technology, cloud engineered systems, and enterprise software products,  this software giant wanted to expand into new markets.

Specifically, they were interested in the potential of driving significant revenue growth and solidifying their position across the IT landscape as a dominant solution.

While they had a solid product development roadmap already wired into place, they were lacking the ability to drive local market decisions — which resulted in slow growth and the potential for layoffs in the region.

They needed a team who could help them deliver the right message to enterprise customers with the budget and need to purchase their services. And do it in time to achieve revenue targets.

Our Approach

We started by talking directly to the sales executives in the region, digging into the reasons why the selling process wasn’t achieving the desired results. After strategizing with the local senior leadership team responsible for South America we knew that drastic action was required.

But before we jumped into the solution process we spent time speaking with prospects, existing customers, and even executives who had chosen to purchase technology from our competitors in place of our solution.

We then presented the team with a bold strategy for capturing the attention of the region and driving revenue.

Foundational Change

Our go-to-market plan involved a few different key elements. To ensure long term success, we started with a fresh new message for the products that we were introducing to the market. We deliberately changed the vocabulary for everything that we were selling — forcing our prospects and competitors to adjust positively to our positioning. 

With the introduction of a few smart selling tools, we were able to better understand how our prospects were comparing us to our competition. We added better customer intelligence tracking, chatbots on the website, and new personalized messaging tools to help us scale revenue growth without hiring any additional team members.

New product bundles made it easier for us to plan our upsell strategy and new scripts ensured that the new way of doing things would remain sticky long after our engagement was over.

Full Execution

We tried, tested, and retried the right wording until we had a tightly controlled message the our prospects were excited to engage with.

Over an 18 month engagement, we helped the region over-achieve their sales targets, reaching growth that was 407% higher than anticipated. In fact, over one continuous 9-month period, our region of South America was the fastest growing business unit in the entire company.

Today, our process and methodology continues to drive consistent performance and is the go-to-market roadmap for new product launches.

How we helped the world's largest database software company achieve 407% growth

and turned South America into the fastest growing region anywhere in the world.