EDGY case study - Salesforce innovator

The Challenge

Lack of information in Salesforce is an constant frustration for sales managers and business owners alike.

Sales and relationship managers – the very people with up-to-the-minute knowledge of what’s happening with customers – aren’t known for their dedication to data entry, mostly because it’s tedious, has to be done at the end of the day and gets in the way of sales.

This app changes that game, by making it easy to enter call and meeting notes just by talking to the app on their mobile phone.

Despite its obvious benefits to Salesforce users, the app was struggling to gain traction.

Our Approach

From the outset, it was clear a rebrand was required in order to present a convincing and reassuring appearance.

We leveraged the company founder’s unique heritage to re-name both the app and the company.

A new logo, new website, demo videos and complete new brand followed to support a concerted awareness and marketing campaign.

Leveraging Relationships

Early on, EDGY gained agreement from some power users to trial the app and provide feedback.

Using the learnings from these trials, EDGY worked with our client’s team to ensure the app met the exacting needs of staff in the field as well as being easy for Salesforce administrators to install and maintain.

Then, we kicked off an outbound campaign targeted at companies frustrated with the quality of data their staff were able to enter in Salesforce.

Accelerating Outcomes

With a notoriously long installation cycle within sizable companies, EDGY achieved sales within just 4 months as well as a healthy pipeline of companies piloting the app.

Following our hands-on creed, we managed every stage of the process including liaising with key staff within companies in pilot to ensure they had an outstanding experience.

From Concept to Revenue in 4 Months, Launching a Voice Command Platform for CRM

When a smart software development company wanted to get traction with an innovative mobile app that lets busy sales people get vital customer data into Salesforce without touching a keyboard, they came to EDGY.